NWA Creative HUB


“[Tiffany’s and Eugene’s] vision of a community makers space is one I have total support in as a college student at the university.  Having this space in Fayetteville would be a huge help [for] many college students like me.  It would allow students the opportunity and work on a project that may require tools that the university may not be able to offer… The equipment that students may need can be expensive, which a marker’s space would allow for students to not have to buy tools to accomplish their projects.”

-Eric Reed, Engineering Student


“I am a volunteer at NWA Creative Hub to help others see the endless possibilities no matter what their hopes or goals are. A makers space literally changed my life and opened the doors for me that I never realize existed. Not only is a makers space wanted, but needed. The combination of Eugene and Tiffany’s talents will ensure the success of a maker space. I may only be a kid and one voice, but the things I have accomplished is powerful. Let us open the doors so others can be empowered and change the world!”

-Austin Dixon, Problem Wrangler


“[Tiffany’s and Eugene’s] passion to build a maker’s space, where people from all walks of life can come together to create and learn, is unparalleled in Northwest Arkansas… we’ve witnessed their drive and passion first hand at events they’ve hosted… NWA3D can think of no two better people to lead a maker’s space initiative in Northwest Arkansas than Tiffany and Eugene.  Their knowledge, kindness, and creativity will lead to great things if given the opportunity.”