A taste of code: Introduction to physical computing

This class is designed to open the door to an incredible world of possibilities using the Arduino microcontroller and a small collection of common electronic components. Part electronics, part code, this class gives you the tools to start on a long learning adventure!



Put light anywhere with the most versatile and efficient source of illumination ever devised by humans. We go over ways of adapting various power sources and ways of controlling them with finesse. From small single color powered by a battery to multi NeoPixel rainbow strings animated by a microcontroller.


Intro to Inkscape:

Develop your graphic powers! Inkscape is easy to use, but it really helps to have someone show you the basics. Inkscape is the best tool we have to prepare your work for vinyl cutting, laser cutting, and the digitally controlled sewing machine. It’s also a quick way to get to shapes to the CNC router. It can even create a graphic to incorporate into a 3D print.


My First 3D model: Introduction to 3D Modeling

This class teaches the simplest, most direct way to make an idea into a 3D object. Participants will end up with a 3D printed object of their own design. This class counts as a qualification class for the use of the 3D printers.


3D Modeling next steps: More methods for making 3D models

This class shows other options for 3D modeling, and introduces the basic CAD concepts of making objects from dimensioned sketches.


Quiet Woodworking:

A tour of the basic Hand tools, no hearing protection required. Band Aids (possibly generic) will be supplied if necessary. Saw wood with 4 kinds of saw (hand, back, pull and coping), drill holes with 2 types of drill, mark and measure, chisel out a notch, hammer a nail and use old fashioned screws.


Sheets to Shapes: CNC cutting plywood parts

Learn how to design and cut plywood parts with the CNC router.